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all students welcome aboard brief

Welcome to VT-31! The following are some notes that should help answer many of the questions you'll have as you go through your training here at VT-31. If you have any questions that are not covered here, please ask your flight leader or come by student control and ask any of the staff. Our job is to assist you as you strive to earn your wings.

Table of Contents

Check-In Procedures

USN, USMC, USCG, and FMS: Turn in your logbook.

USAF: Turn in Flight Logs to the Operations AF representative unless already mailed from losing base.


Orders, Up Chits & Emergency Data

Within 24 hours all students must submit a copy of their orders, an Admin up-chit, and their emergency data sheet. Admin-up chits can be obtained from Aviation Medicine in the Naval Hospital.



Your NATOPS jackets and ATJ’s are kept in Student Control. There are two types of Aviation Training Jacket Reviews; Flight Event and Flight Leader. A Flight Event review is performed by the IP on designated flight events. Flight Leader Jacket reviews must be conducted within five working days of completing the designated events. Meeting with your flight leader during published office hours is recommended otherwise arrange for a different meeting time. Students are permitted to check out their ATJ’s for Jacket reviews. ATJ’s may only be checked out from 0730 to 1600 Monday through Friday. At no time shall an ATJ be kept over night or taken on a flight. If your ATJ is needed after 16:00, ask the CDO to check it out for you. The SDO does not have authority to release the ATJ key or to check out ATJ’s. At no time shall you take the ATJ out of student control without first logging it out with the student control clerk. Students are not permitted behind the student control counter at any time.


Log Books

Logbooks are kept in the Operations office. These are legal documents. Pilots should review closely for accuracy and sign at the end of each month. It is easier to fix a problem as it occurs than after your book is closed out. Track your own flight time. If you notice any curriculum conflicts (i.e. not enough night time), let the Schedules department know ASAP. Logbooks can be signed out for 1-2 days. Check with Operations personnel before taking your logbook.


Flight Physicals

All annual flight physical appointments are handled through student control. You will not be scheduled for a physical while in ground school. Although student control assist in the scheduling of your annual flight physical, it is your responsibility to bring your expiration to the attention of student control. One month prior to the expiration of your flight physical, notify a student control staff member so that you may be scheduled promptly for a physical. Notify VT-31 schedules once you have an appointment scheduled. Upon completion of your flight physical ensure that the original up chit is put into your NATOPS jacket and that schedules gets a copy. The same applies to any medical down chits. Retain a copy of all chits for your personal records.


Ground School

Students in ground school are not responsible for the VT-31 schedule except for CPT’s. Once ground school is complete, students are responsible for the entire VT-31 schedule i.e. Meetings, Command Quarters, and Duty Assignments. The schedule is usually posted by 17:00. Be alert for weekend CPT’s and extra copilot duties. Your Flight Leader check-in will be scheduled for the day after ground school completion. Call your flight leader the last day of academics to confirm the meeting time/location. Academics begin TODAY at TW-4 book issue at 13:00. First Class at Room 203 at 13:15.


Command Quarters

Uniform for quarters(All hands meeting) is your flight suit. If receiving an award, the uniform will be the uniform of the day. Locations will be listed on the flight schedule, show up 15 minutes prior.



Gradesheets are your responsibility. Student control will file, add, and arrange them properly, however missing gradesheets are your responsibility to track down. When updating your calendar card, check to make sure all of your grade sheets have been filed. All gradesheets should be turned in within 48 hours of the flight. If an instructor has not turned in a gradesheet and it has been longer than 48 hours, please notify the instructor immediately. An event is not complete until the gradesheet is completed. This becomes very important towards the end of the RI-stage. Following completion of RI-28 each graduation class is ranked for the Commodores’ List. This takes place seven days prior to your winging and all gradesheets must be submitted.


Special Liberty & Leave

Student routing matrix for leave chits is as follows: Flight Leader, Operations, and Student Control. Examples of all chits are posted outside of STUCON. Ensure recall number is on all leave and special request liberty chits. These chits must be submitted at least 5 working days prior to date requested. When requesting any of the above, you will need to fill out the appropriate chit, sign it, and give it to your flight leader for routing through the chain. Leave chits must be picked up from the Admin department. Special Liberty chits will be left in your mailbox by student control. Ensure schedules has a copy of your chit. DO NOT DEPART WITHOUT AN APPROVED COPY OF YOUR CHIT IN HAND!!!

SPECIAL LIBERTY- To be used if you wish to be exempt from weekend duty &/or wish to travel outside of the designated local area. If you are in a flying status (started flying and not yet syllabus complete), you may only receive a special liberty chit approved from 1630 Friday until 0500 Monday. No flying days may be missed. Weekends are covered under normal liberty and general officer liberty rules apply. It is still your responsibility to check the weekend schedule to ensure that you have not been scheduled for duty. Personal legal/medical issues that require a full day of training to be missed must be discussed with your flight leader.

LEAVE- To be used for exemption from training during designated holiday periods, personal emergencies, or for personal travel once syllabus complete. Personal or Family emergencies qualify as emergency leave, and will be granted under emergency leave conditions. It is required that you keep your chain of command informed of your emergency situation, as well as a good recall number and your estimated return date. Once you are syllabus complete, you may take leave from your last fly day until your winging date. It is your responsibility to ensure that the winging coordinator has all of your information prior to starting leave. If you are getting married, you may take leave from 1630 Thursday until 0500 Monday if you are in a flying status. The Admin Office has the leave chits.

SNIV PROCEDURES- To be used for daily adjustment of the flight schedule. Must be requested at schedules office at least 2 days prior. A copy of any appointments(medical/dental) or an approved special request chit should be brought to the customer service window at the time of the SNIV request.


Student Cross-Country

Students must have satisfactorily passed the INAV Final prior to the Cross-Country. The grease board in the Duty Office is for placing preferences approximately 1 to 2 weeks prior to cross-country day. Fill out your written cross-country request in the Duty Office and place it into the schedules office red box. This should be done 1 to 2 weeks prior to your cross-country. Keep track of where you are in the syllabus so you know when to plan on taking your cross-country. Check out your master curriculum guide for details of which flights must be completed before/during cross-country events. Students are recommended to try and find an instructor who wants to go to the same location. If you have coordinated with an IP, Make sure that appears on your request sheet. The cross-country list will be posted on Wednesday, the week of your cross-country.

Cross-Country Passengers

Generally you will not be approved to ride as a pax on a cross-country because of the risk of getting stuck on the road and missing training events. Exceptions: A student in a post ground school pool waiting to fly and students that are syllabus complete waiting to wing or PCS. Students going on a cross-country(as pax) must coordinate with the aircraft commander, then route a leave chit. Cross-country flights are not guaranteed to arrive at original destination due to weather or maintenance problems. Make sure you can financially afford a few extra days on the road and have enough leave to use if necessary.


Crew Rest Policy

The crew rest policy is in accordance with CNATRAINST 1500.4E. It states that the student's working day from the first scheduled event until the completion of the last event of the day (including associated paperwork and debrief) shall not exceed 12 hours(14 hours on cross countries with operable autopilot). A minimum of 12 hours shall elapse between the conclusion of the student's last scheduled event of the day (including debrief) and his/her first scheduled instructional event of the following day. If there is a conflict with your schedule, let your instructor or the CDO know immediately. As a general rule, don’t show up to the squadron more than 2 hours prior to your brief time.



There is a mail folder for every student in Student Control. Check it daily. It is used for personal envelope mail and official mail only. Please note: Student Control is not your personal Post Office. Keep all personal mail going to your residence. Student Control is not responsible for mailing out your personal mail and will not accept junk mail flyers or catalogs in your name. Leave and Earning statements will be placed in your mailbox if received; however student control cannot produce one for you. If you are not receiving a leave and earnings statement, please submit a request at the PSD pay office.

CALENDAR CARDS. Your mail folder also contains your calendar card which must be updated daily to reflect your VT-31 training events. Daily events should be recorded beginning with FAM-0.



Three weeks prior to your scheduled winging date you must turn in a winging information sheet to the student control staff. This information will be used to type your designation letters and other various certificates for your winging. It is your responsibility to provide this information. Any changes in paygrade that will take place prior to your winging must be reflected in this paperwork or your designation letter will be made out with the wrong paygrade. This will also aid the winging coordinators in obtaining information as to your guests that will be attending. CBQ rooms are available for the immediate families of students receiving their wings. Reservations are accepted up to 45 days in advance and will be limited to three nights. Call (361) 961-2388/2389 to make your reservations. Winging dates are subject to change until within 30 days of your projected graduation date. It is recommended that you wait until this time to commit family and friends to any no change/non-refundable arrangements.


Officer Duty Preference Forms (Navy Only)

All advanced USN and USNR students shall turn in their Officer Duty Preference Forms into the student control winging coordinator three weeks prior to winging. Information for filling out this form is included in your welcome aboard folder and is also available in the student control office. These requests are your voice to the detailer. At no time before or after obtaining orders shall a student call, write, email, or in any other way communicate directly with the detailer in regards to orders. Your orders are based on the needs of the Navy. Any questions or discrepancies should be handled through student control and its’ senior Navy IP. Navy personnel are also directed to attend BOLC and are normally scheduled for this class the Monday following your winging. This can change with holidays and class size.

USAF ASSIGNMENTS. These are arranged through your flight leader. Selection is based on your grades at the completion of the entire AF syllabus.


Instrument Rating Request

Instrument rating request forms (for advanced students) are available in the Student Control Office. Fill out the rough draft using the instructions listed on the back of the form and bring it to the brief for RI-27. Your IP will make sure your form is ready for the RI-28 checkride. If there are any mistakes, Student Control will place the incorrect instrument rating in your mailbox. It is your responsibility to confirm with Student Control the successful completion of your instrument request following the checkride. Failure to do this could delay your departure from NAS Corpus.


Master Database Information

The TMS2 Check-in program collects all necessary information from new squadron members. High points include name, SSN, phase of training, recall information, and your flight leader. This program is located in Operations, Student Control, and Wing 4 TMS2 offices in Bldg 89. If any information changes, please update the database as soon as possible. Current use of this information includes: Scheduling, WINFLIRs, and recall rosters.



Each individual should be annotated on the daily schedule. Student names will be found on the flight schedule, simulator schedule, or front page(meetings, exams, duty). Ensure that you check all notes and double pumps(DP). You are not responsible for quarters or AOM’s that violate crew rest for a flight.

Available for Event: If you are posted on the schedule as "Available for Event’ you should be ready to fly that day. It means that the squadron could call you in anytime during that day. Be prepared. "Available" students shall phone muster with the CDO at 08:00.
INAV Final: The INAV Final is an instrument test required for your Instrument Check/Qualification. The test will be given the first Wednesday upon completion of BI-6. Pickup up your AIGT book bag the day of BI-1 from VT-31 Schedules. Return the bag once test complete.

Medical Downs: If you need to cancel an event for medical reasons, you are expected to obtain a medical down chit from aviation medicine and route copies to VT-31 scheds and Student Control.

The schedule can be found through the following sources and in the following order after 1700 daily:

Copies are also posted at the duty Office, maintenance issue, Officer's Club and the BOQ. The schedule represents a direct order by the commanding officer. Individuals are responsible for meeting all duties and assignments on the schedule. Please Note: Watch duties, simulator, and flight events do get scheduled ON WEEKENDS. Missing events will result in a flight down when applicable.


On Wing Assignment

Students will fly their first 7 flights with their "On Wing". The On Wing assignments will be posted one week prior to the completion of ground school.


Master Curriculum Guide

Review the front of the MCG for additional information guiding the curriculum, scheduling, and other policies. The high points are as follows:

Know the definitions stated in the MCG for Brief, Introduction, Practice, Demo, Review, and Acronyms that represent grading criteria.
Basic Instruments(BI’s) may be scheduled after Fam 7. Be prepared!
Complete the INAV Final prior to your Cross Country.


Chain of Command

Please utilize the chain of command for all matters. Your flight leader is the first person in your chain of command. Keep the squadron informed of any personal difficulties that should arise via your Flight Leader &/or the CDO. The duty office is (361)-961-3350 or Toll Free 877-694-6772. If the office is secured, the CDO’s recall number will be listed on the recording.


Checking Out

Prior to checking out of VT-31, you will fill out a critique. Your constructive comments are very important in helping the squadron continually improve the training students are provided. Keep a list throughout the syllabus to help you remember the things you liked and things that you feel could use improvement.

Provide at least 24 hours advance notice to operations personnel to total and close out your log book.

Flight records are also maintained on the TMS2 Database. You can get a summary of your flight records using the computer program Archimedes. This computer desktop program can be accessed in Operations, Student Control, or the duty office.

Flight Summaries:

  1. Request a summary from Operations personnel.
  2. In Student Control look on the desktop and find the Archimedes box on the TMS2 Launcher Bar.
  1. Choose the Personal Reports option.
  2. Choose Personal or Formal.
    1. Personal is a summary of flights for the days you choose.
    2. Formal is a monthly report that looks just like your logbook.
  3. To print out either report simply Click the printer icon.

Note: Any mistakes in the computer can only be fixed by changing the WINFLIR. The Operations Department put in your logbook what appears in the computer.

Enjoy your training here at VT-31. You should find your time here very rewarding. If you have any further questions, stop by student control or call 961-3514/3515. Welcome aboard and good luck!