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Department of the Navy Civilian Employee Assistance Program

Department of the Navy employees are busy juggling work and family and it is not unusual to encounter difficulties with stress, family, relationships, alcohol, work, or other issues which impact their quality of life. The Department of the Navy values its employees and has partnered with Magellan Health to provide a new centralized employee assistance and work/life program for employees and their families. The Department of the Navy Civilian Employee Assistance Program (DONCEAP) provides a wide range of services to employees and their families.

Employees can access services 24/7 through the DONCEAP website or by phone. A professionally staffed call center
(1-844-DONCEAP) can provide answers to questions, research information, link employees to a wide variety of qualified local services and provide licensed confidential support to help with difficult issues.
(The DONCEAP fact sheet provides an overview of the program).

DONCEAP is available 24/7/365!!
Call: 1-844-DONCEAP (1-844-366-2327)

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