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Inspector General (IG) Hotline

Fraud, Waste, and Mismanagement

You should first attempt to address your complaint through your chain of command. However, if you have previously reported a problem through the chain of command and are not satisfied that the problem has been solved, or if you have a valid fear of reprisal, you can report your complaint concerning fraud, waste, or mismanagement to the Inspector General's Office by telephone, e-mail, fax, or mail. Report WHO did WHAT, WHERE and WHEN. You may remain anonymous. However, doing so may complicate the investigation, as it will be impossible to contact you for further information. You may also identify yourself but request confidentiality, in which case your identity will be protected.

Sexual Harassment / Equal Opportunity Complaints

You should first report sexual harassment or equal opportunity complaints to your Command Managed Equal Opportunity (CMEO) Manager. If your complaint is not addressed through your CMEO or if you have a valid reason to believe your CMEO will not address the complaint, you may report any condition you consider to be sexual harassment or a violation of the Navy's Equal Opportunity Policy.

CNAP / CNATRA Hotline Complaint Contact Information

DSN: 735-5264
Com: (619) 545-5264
Fax: (619) 545-4681

Mailing Address
Box 357051
San Diego, CA 92135-7051

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