New or Revised

1542Advanced Strike Fighter UMFO Training System Curriculum Deviation Notice (AWI Stage Prerequisites)29.7 KB03 DEC 2018


1050CNATRA FY-19 Holiday Weekend Schedule49.4 KB04 OCT 2018
1300Flight Instructor Training Course Proposed Schedule for FY 201922.1 KB18 SEP 2018
1301Boards, Committees, Collateral Duty Assignments136.1 KB31 OCT 2016
15002017 General Military Training Schedule162.7 KB15 DEC 2016
1542Advanced Strike Fighter UMFO Training System Curriculum Deviation Notice (Multi-Stage Enrollment Waiver)115.4 KB15 OCT 2018
1542Advanced Strike Fighter UMFO Training System Curriculum Deviation Notice (AWI Stage Prerequisites)29.7 KB03 DEC 2018
1542Aerospace Medicine Specialist (AMS) Fixed-Wing Curriculum TW5155.7 KB08 SEP 2017
1542Aerospace Medicine Specialist (AMS) Rotary-Wing Curriculum TW5206.8 KB08 SEP 2017
1542Authorization to Fly IUT Events Using GTN-650 Modified TH-57 Aircraft at TW5178.3 KB27 SEP 2017
1542Authorization to Fly Syllabus Events Using GTN-650 Configured TH-57 Aircraft at TW51.1 MB16 JUL 2018
1542E-2/C-2 Pipeline Selectee Proficiency Training Program162.3 KB16 JUN 2017
1542National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) Mission Specialist Basic Aviation Curriculum182.2 KB29 SEP 2017
1542Primary 1 and 2 Naval Flight Officer Training System Curriculum Deviation Notice23.1 KB13 AUG 2018
1542Republic of Singapore Air Force Non-Carrier Qualification Strike Syllabus Procedures180.1 KB11 OCT 2017
1542Rotary-To-Strike Transition269.3 KB18 JUN 2018
1542Strike and E-2/C-2 Pipeline Proficiency Training Program160.8 KB20 JUN 2017
1542Strike Pipeline Selectee Proficiency Training Program162.4 KB02 JUN 2017
1542Syllabus Bridge from Intermediate E2/C2 to Maritime82.9 KB27 SEP 2018
1542T-45C Advanced Syllabus Deviation Notice for Operational Navigation (ONAV) / Section Low Level (SLL)117.7 KB11 OCT 2018
1542T-45C Advanced Syllabus ONAV FTI Deviation Notice (Road Recce Pop-Up Target Attack)32.5 KB21 FEB 2018
1542T-45C Intermediate Syllabus Deviation Notice (Formation Prerequisite)25.3 KB07 FEB 2018
1542T-45C MCG Multiple Stage Enrollment33.9 KB18 SEP 2018
1542T-45C Strike Flight Instructor Under Training Curriculum Waiver (Instructor Designation)190.1 KB11 OCT 2018
1542T-6B Primary Pilot Syllabus Flow222.8 KB27 DEC 2017
1542Test Pilot School (TPS) T-6B Curriculum at TW5585.4 KB31 JUL 2017
1542TW6 Strike Fighter Pipeline Proficiency Training Program160.1 KB20 JUN 2017
1550Training Standardization and Safety Inspection Program Schedule for Fiscal Years 2019 and 202029.1 KB03 OCT 2018
3440Mission Essential and Recovery Personnel Assignment152.6 KB11 SEP 2018
3710Advanced Strike (T-45C) Qualification Guidelines for Operational Navigation (ONAV)20.3 KB16 AUG 2018
3710CNATRA T-45 Temporary Operations Restrictions115.8 KB08 FEB 2018
3710CNATRA T-6 OBOGS Fail Warning Light Guidance49.2 KB14 DEC 2017
3710CNATRA T-6 OBOGS Functional Check Flight Guidance116.6 KB01 FEB 2018
5050CNATRA Commander's Conference, 22 FEB 201888 KB15 FEB 2018
5050Prospective/New Commodore, Chief Staff Officer, and Executive Officer Indoctrination Program, 20-21 FEB 201879.9 KB15 FEB 2018
5060CNATRA Change of Command Ceremony414.3 KB03 JUL 2018
5060Retirement Ceremony for Capt Robert Denton, III49.7 KB06 JUN 2018
5060Retirement Ceremony for CDR Mark F. Silbernagel372.8 KB13 MAR 2018
5060Retirement Ceremony for CWO4 James H. Weisinger, USN406.6 KB23 FEB 2018
5200CNATRA Manager's Internal Control Plan235.9 KB03 AUG 2018
12410Fiscal Year 2018 Civilian Training Schedule133.9 KB26 JAN 2018