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Official command publications

  • 1542.1 - Multi-Service Pilot Training System (MPTS) Special Cases
  • 12451.2 - TW1 Person of the Month
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1050.1CLeave and Liberty Regulations for Military Personnel
1210.1HDesignation Ceremonies for Naval Aviators
1301.1JAdministrative Handling Procedures for Student Naval Aviators
1500.1LStandardization of Contract Simulator and Academic Instructors
1500.4TW1 Standard Operating Procedures for the Learning Interface System Assessment (LISA) Testing Program
1542.1TW1 Instructor Pilot Proficiency Sortie Program
1542.2ATW1 Fixed-Wing Instructor Training Unit
1543.1TW1 Aeromedical Training Program
1550.1BTW1 Standard Operating Procedures for TIMS
1601.1FRunway Duty Officer (RDO) Training and Responsibilities
1601.2KTW1 Watch Organization and Responsibilities
1610.1Delegation of Reporting Senior Authority
1650.1KTW1 Personal Awards Program
1721.1ASuicide Prevention Program Implementation Plan
1740.3GCommand Sponsor Program
1770.1FCasualty Assistance Calls Program (CACP)
2280.1ATW1 Meridian EKMS Emergency Action Plan
3140.4PAircraft Hurricane Evacuation Plan
3300.1BTW1 Meridian Antiterrorism Plan
3440.1NTW1 Emergency Action Plan
3441.1TW1 Standard Operating Procedures For Simulators During Inclement Weather
3500.1EOperational Risk Management
3700.1JMaintenance and Control of Flight Packets
3700.2CCivilian Visitors to TW1 Operational Flight Simulator Training Facility
3710.2EAttendance of Civilians at NAS Meridian and OLF Joe Williams During FCLP Evolutions
3710.3ET-45A/C Functional Check Flight (FCF) Program
3710.4DCross Country Flights (with CH-1)
3710.7VT-45 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
3710.8Closed Tower Operations
3710.13JFlight Instructor Standardization and Training (FIST) Program
3710.15ET-45 Goshawk Orientation Flight Program
3710.16TW1 Garmin Fenix Watch Program
3710.17AT-45C Kneeboard Card Checklists
3711.1BT-45C Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Addendum
3750.1DSafety Standdown Policy
3750.22LTW1 Safety Program
4200.1CGovernment Commercial Purchase Card (GCPC) Program Internal Operating Procedures
4400.2DStandardized Detachment Pack-up Instructions for TW1 and Tenant Squadrons
4650.1HTemporary Additional Duty (TAD) Travel Management
5050.1GDistinguished Guest Coordination Procedures
5090.10Bird / Animal Strike Hazard (BASH) Plan
5100.2JHazard Reporting Program
5100.4GSmoking/Tobacco Policy at TW1
5200.1ETW1 Management Control Program
5210.1BTW1 Records Management Program
5214.1EReports Management Program
5216.2JPreparation and Handling of Correspondence
5216.4LStandard Distribution List
5351.1FNaval Aviation Training Advisor Program (NATAP)
5355.1JDrug Abuse and Alcoholism Prevention Program
5355.2MDrug/Alcohol Abuse Urinalysis Testing Program
5452.1NTW1 Staff Organization Manual
5510.1NTW1 Security Program / Classified Material Control
5530.1APhysical Security Measures for TW1
5530.2GPhysical Security, Loss Prevention and Key Control Program
5726.1Naval Aviator For A Day (NAFD) Program
5750.1ETW1 Annual Command Operations Report
6110.1FPhysical Readiness Training Program
12000.1AAlternative Work Schedules
12351.1DCompetitive Area for Reduction in Force (RIF)
12451.1BTW1 Civilian of the Quarter and Civilian of the Year Programs
13011.1EDaily Aircraft Readiness Status Reporting (DAR)
13700.1JForeign Object Damage (FOD) to Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines
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