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Official command publications

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1000.1ESpecial Requests for TW5 Personnel
1050.2ALeave and Liberty for Military Members (with CH-1)
1080.1JTW5 Check-In/Out Procedures (with CH-1)
1080.2Mustering and Accountability Procedures for Military Personnel
1500.4Commanding Officer Progress Check (CO-PC) Procedural Guide
1500.20DPsychological Screening of Instructors
1500.21FProcedures for Conducting Training Time Out
1500.42HPrimary/Intermediate Student Check-Out Processing
1531.2HOrientation Flight Procedures in TW5 Aircraft
1542.17JTemporary Manning
1542.3LStudent Naval Aviator Critique
1542.7BCrew Resource Management Program
1550.1ATW5 Standard Operating Procedures for the Training Integration Management System (TIMS) (with CH-7)
1555.2CAeromedical Training Program for TW5
1601.1QFixed-Wing Runway Duty Officer, Wheels Watch Qualification and Watch Responsibilities (with CH-1)
1601.2FDuties and Responsibilities of the TW5 Command Duty Officer
1601.3DNavy Outlying Field (NOLF) Airfield Duty Officer (ADO) Responsibilities
1610.3FNavy Performance Evaluation and Counseling Records
1650.6PTW5 Awards Program
1650.7DAwarding of Command Plaques and Similar Devices
1720.1BSuicide Prevention Program (with CH-1)
1740.1EU.S. Navy Family Care Plan Policy
1750.1HCommand Sponsor Program
2060.1FTelecommunications Service
3100.1PSpecial Incident Reporting
3140.1XAircraft Hurricane Evacuation Plan
3140.2JDestructive Weather Bill (with CH-1)
3500.1GOperational Risk Management (ORM)
3510.2SProcedures and Requirements for NATOPS Program Evaluations and Checkflights
3710.2XFixed-Wing Standard Operating Procedures
3710.3BT-6B In-Flight Guide
3710.4JDisabled Aircraft Security Watch Officer (DASWO)
3710.8URotary-Wing Operating Procedures (RWOP) Manual (with CH-1)
3710.9TH-57 In-Flight Guide (with CH-1)
3710.10FNaval Aircrew Training Program for the TH-57B/C Helicopter
3710.13PFunctional Check Pilot and Maintenance Recovery Program for TW5 (with CH-1)
3710.15ATW5 Rotary-Wing Checklist Study Guide
3710.16APrimary Fixed Wing Flight Instructor Guide (FIG)
3710.17BTW5 T-6B Checklist Study Guide (with CH-1)
3710.18Primary Fixed Wing Standardization Instructor Guide (SIG)
3710.19BPersonal Electronic Kneeboard In-Flight Authorization and Guidance
3710.21Simulator Tour and Device Orientation Request Procedures
3710.23HITU Standardization Instructor Guide (SIG)
3710.24BDynamic Hypoxia Training Program for TW5
3710.25Student Radio Instrument Approach and Departure Plates (with CH-1)
3710.26TW5 Garmin Fenix Watch Program
3740.5PFlight Instructor Standardization and Training (FIST) Program
3740.6CReserve Forces Integration
3750.4KTW5 Bird/Animal Strike Hazard Program
3750.6HSafety Standdown and Back-in-the Saddle Programs
3750.7BGround Pre-Mishap Plan
3750.8JAircraft Pre-Mishap Plan
4028.1DFuel Loading Requirements for TH-57 Aircraft
4200.1EPolicies and Procedures for the Use of the Government-Wide Commercial Purchase Card (GCPC) Program
4200.2CLocal Internal Operating Procedures for the Aviation Into-Plane Reimbursement (AIR) Card Program
4650.1CTemporary Additional Duty (TAD) Travel Management
4790.3CCross Country, Maintenance, Ground Operations and Contract Policy Instruction for T-6B/TH-57B/C Pilots and Flight Crew
4790.4BIntroduction to the Aircraft Discrepancy Book (ADB)
4950.1JAdministration of International Military Students (IMSs)
5000.1GEmergency and Hurricane Evacuation (HUREVAC) Mustering Procedures
5060.1BCeremonies for Personnel Being Transferred to the Fleet Reserve/Retired List
5210.1ATW5 Records Management Program
5216.1VDistribution List
5220.1FQuality Assurance and Revalidation (QA&R) of Training Devices (with CH-1)
5230.1EManagement Information Systems (MIS) Operations, Security, and Administration
5350.1FTW5 Urinalysis Testing Program
5350.2Non-Evidentiary Alcohol Detection Device (ADD)
5354.8DCommand Managed Equal Opportunity (CMEO) Program
5370.1EHotline Program
5452.1QStaff Organization and Regulation Manual
5510.10Classified Material Control (with CH-1)
5530.2DAntiterrorism Plan, Physical Security, and Key Control Program
5720.1CAviation Support Operations Providing Community Outreach
6110.1KHealth and Physical Readiness Program
6110.2DHealth and Wellness Program
7010.5DOperating Policy for the Commander, TW5 Wings of Gold Club Contingency Fund
7321.1CMinor Property Procedures for Accountability of Government Owned Property
10126.1DIssue and Control of Flight Clothing and Operational Equipment for TW5 Personnel
12000.2FCivil Service Employee Timekeeping, Hours of Work, and Leave
12100.1GDepartment of the Navy (DON) Civilian Human Resources Manual
12450.2Commander, TW-5 Civilian / Senior Civilian of the Quarter / Year Recognition Program
13400.2JThings Falling Off Aircraft (TFOA)
13700.4JForeign Object Damage (FOD) to Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines
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