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Official command publications

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1050Holiday Leave and Liberty Periods 2018/2019
1301TW-5 Primary / Collateral Duty Assignment Bill
1500Revised Additional Progress Check Procedures
1500Final Progress Check (FPC) Procedural Guide
1542Appointment as Senior Member of Training Review Board
1542T-6B Instrument Training Optimization Pilot Program (ITOPP) for the Strike Pipeline
1542TW5 Instrument Training Optimization Pilot Program (ITOPP) Syllabus Requirements
3710Authorization to Perform Crew Duties in TW5 Aircraft
3710Power Off Maneuver Hazard Areas at KNDZ NOLFS
3710Rescinded Read and Initials
3710Rescinded Read and Initial (Reinstatement of Autorotations of Tail Rotors Procedures)
3710Rescinded Read and Initial (T-6B)
3710Rescinded Read and Initial List (TW5 VT/FITU) | DEC 2015
3710Rescinded Read and Initial List (TW5 VT/FITU) | NOV 2015
3740Additional Duty Assignment as Fixed-Wing Instructor Training Unit Instructor
3740Additional Duty Assignment as Helicopter Instructor Training Unit Instructor
3740Constitution of TW5 Instrument Flight Board and Designation of T-6B and TH-57B/C NATOPS Instructors
5214Consolidated List of Recurring Reports
5215Numerical Index of Effective TW5 Directives
5402Assumption of Command
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