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Official command publications

  • 3710.21B - Primary / Intermediate / Advanced Flight Instructor Guide (FIG)
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1050.2DLeave, Liberty, and Special Requests
1500.5DTW6 Student Processing
1542.7ACrew Resource Managment Program
1542.8BInstructor Naval Flight Officer T-6A Flight Program
1600.1MProcedures for Wing Command Duty Officer (WCDO)
1610.1EDelegation of Reporting Senior Authority
1650.9NTW6 Awards Program
1720.1BSuicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention Plan
1771.1DPrimary Next of Kin (PNOK) Personal Data Forms
3140.2NDestructive Weather Bill
3710.1TStandard Operating Procedures (SOP)
3710.17KIn-Flight Guide and Pre-Filed Route Flight Plans
3710.19DOrientation Flight Procedures
3710.22Local Area IFR and Visual Route Flight Procedures
3710.23Pensacola Tower Controlled Airspace Flyover Procedures
3710.7DTW6 Aeromedical Training Program
3740.2TFlight Instructor Standardization and Training (FIST) Program
3750.3RWing Sponsored Quarterly Safety Stand Downs
3750.5JAviation Safety Management System
3750.6DMishap / Incident Response Plan
4200.1JGovernment Commercial Purchase Card (GCPC) Program (with CH-1, CH-2)
4200.2BLocal Internal Operating Procedures for the Aviation Into-Plane Reimbursement (AIR) Card Program
5216.2GAuthorization to Sign "By direction"
5351.1GNaval Air Training Class Advisor Program (NATCAP)
5354.2NCommand Philosophy and Policy Statements
5370.2DBusiness Activity / Compensated Outside Employment of Military Members on Active Duty
5451.1LCommander, TW6 Organizational Manual
5510.1ECommand Security Policy Manual
5530.1GSecurity and Access Control
5530.2CAntiterrorism / Physical Security Plan
(Please see Wing Admin for instruction)
6410.1AAirsickness Management Program (AMP)
7332.2EMinor Property Procedures for Accountability of Government Owned Property and Organizational Issue Material
12000.2GCivilian Timekeeping, Hours of Work, Pay and Leave
13700.1QPrevention of Foreign Object Damage (FOD) to Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines
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