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Why Choose VT-28?

From the Commanding Officer:

Thanks for your interest in serving with the Rangers of Training Squadron TWENTY-EIGHT. Are you a Navy or Marine aviator looking for shore duty flight orders? Are you interested in teaching the next generation of aviators how to fly? Are you ready for an amazing challenge? If so, perhaps VT-28 in Corpus Christi, Texas, is the place for you. I hope the following information will help you decide.

Who we are: The Rangers of VT-28 are a ready room of the finest Naval Aviators and come from every Navy and Marine fixed-wing and helicopter community with the general exception of TACAIR. We are over 60 of the most intensely trained instructor pilots in the military and hone our skills under some of the most demanding conditions in aviation. Our mission is to begin the flight training of the next generation of Naval and Marine aviators in the Primary phase of flight, graduating only the finest students for continuation to advanced training and their Wings of Gold.

What we do: Primary flight training consists of contact (familiarization), precision aerobatics, formation, basic instruments, advanced instruments, visual navigation and night flying. Rarely in your career will you have a chance to do the varied types of flying that we do as Primary flight instructors. Additionally, the special training we do for our instructors includes a full out-of-control flight syllabus and more adrenaline than you'll ever get by staying in your current TMS aircraft. Primary instructors continually upgrade throughout their tour to the more advanced stages of flight, culminating in assignment as standardization instructors teaching our newly assigned pilots in the squadron's Instructor Training Unit.

Who we need: We are looking for energetic, dedicated and professional aviators in the Navy and Marine Corps who are ready for the challenge of a lifetime. We want pilots who love to fly and want to share that love of flight with students. We want aviators who are looking for the excitement that comes from flying a basic military trainer throughout the full envelope it was designed for. Haven't been over 45 degrees angle of bank in a few years? Come back to where it all began and fall in love with flying all over again. I guarantee you'll never find a flying job that is more rewarding, more exciting or more fun. Drop us a line if you have questions about the work we do or our lifestyle here in South Texas. Better yet, if you think you've got what it takes to be one of us, contact your detailer and ask for orders to the Rangers. And remember...

It's only Primary... for the students.

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