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Commodore's Statement

As CTW-1 Commodore at NAS Meridian, I welcome your interest in Strike Naval Aviation. This web site is designed for you, the Primary Student Naval Aviator, to assist in making your selection decision. It is our intention to give some insight into Strike aviation and to answer as many of your questions as possible. If you still have a question that cannot be answered by your Student Control Officer feel free to call the TW-1 Student Control office at DSN 637-2312.

Why consider Strike aviation? Strike aviation provides you with the most demanding, challenging and exciting flight experience in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. You have the opportunity to fly the best high-performance jet aircraft in the world off the pitching deck of an aircraft carrier. Experience the incomparable feeling of a heavy weight cat-shot. Your squadronmates will share your unmatched level of dedication and sense of duty, and you will have fun. Generally, if you have achieved at least a 50 NSS USN or 52 USMC in Primary, you have demonstrated that you have the skills necessary to succeed in the Strike pipeline. These scores are a cutoff and the needs of the service may limit the number of available opportunities. The Strike program is challenging and does generate varying levels of stress.

The standards of the Strike Program are high and readily attainable with proper focus. The facts are that in FY-16, TW-1 winged 98 Strike aviators and 7 E2/C2 aviators. The attrition rate in FY-16 was a combined 4.0% for Intermediate and Advanced phases. Of those that did not complete, 30% transferred to the Helo or Maritime communities and exceled because of their Strike experience.

Timing may be another issue for some of you. During normal production periods students are tracking to complete the 12 month syllabus in 12-14 months. Many wingees finished the program in a little over 12 months. There is typically no delay between Intermediate and Advanced phases. Please understand the current T-45 OBOGS situation is still evolving. It may take some time to return to steady state syllabus flow. Accessions into Strike have been reduced and there is currently a pool prior to ground school.

Again, we welcome your interest in Strike. We will endeavor to update this web site on a regular basis so that you have "good gouge" to make this critical career decision.

Commodore CTW-1

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