command patchVT-27 Boomers // Training Air Wing Four

Squadron Patch

Statement of Significance

Future Naval Aviators checking into Training Squadron TWENTY-SEVEN are trained in three categories of basic flying skills. These categories are represented by the tri-colored trail left by the speeding boomerang. The red symbolizes the initial familiarization and basic instrument phase; the white for Radio Instruments and Acrobatics; and the blue for Formation and Night Flying. The lightning bolt, which signifies the dynamics of flight training, occupies the central position of the insignia.

In the forefront of Naval Aviation Training, the Boomers, symbolized by the boomerang design which adorns all squadron aircraft, represent a new breed of instructors and students alike. Infused with a new patriotism, these aviators have rededicated themselves to their tasks at hand, training and becoming the best pilots in the world.

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