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Hurricane Season Information

Be Prepared and Stay Safe!

Safely enduring a hurricane requires prior preparation and planning before the storm arrives. The links below provide valuable information to help you develop your own hurricane plan.

TW4 HURREVAC Muster Instructions

Muster with STUCON IAW direction from STUCON Officer. All Navy Students will be required to muster themselves and any dependents online via the NFAAS website as well.

If you are unable to muster by phone or NFAAS:
  1. Call TW-4 STUCON at (361) 533-5081 or the WDO at (361) 533-4714 or (361) 961-2945
  2. Call TW-4 CDO at (361) 533-4714
  3. Call the Naval Personnel Command Emergency Coordination Center at (877) 414-5358
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