command patchTraining Air Wing Six // NAS Pensacola

TW6 Mission Statement

Command Philosophy

The primary mission of Training Air Wing SIX is to safely train the world's finest combat quality Naval Flight Officers, committed to global security and prosperity, and projecting Naval Air Power worldwide.

Guiding Principles

1. Pride. Take pride in the fact that we provide for the safety, security, and prosperity of our nation. We must work daily to instill and reinforce the heroic legacy and attributes of our past Naval Aviation heroes, as well as the core values and qualities our Navy and country demand of today's naval officers and future naval leaders.

2. Professionalism. The core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment are the very fabric of our team. We are the men and women of Naval Aviation, and we measure ourselves against the highest standards of duty, integrity, and accountability.

3. Purpose. Everything we do must support our primary mission. If we are spending our precious resources of people, time, or money on tasking that does not support our mission; I expect you to question that tasking, and together we will validate, transform, or eliminate it.

4. Effective communication. Clear and concise communication minimizes misunderstanding, and is fundamental to achieving our desired effects.

5. Engaged leadership. As members of an elite organization, we work with an expectation of success. Leaders must understand what that means and be engaged in meeting or exceeding that expectation.

6. Teamwork. People like to be part of a winning team and are willing to work harder and smarter to be on a winning team. We must continually strive to be the best in everything we do, and accelerate toward excellence in every endeavor.


Mission Accomplishment is my top priority; people represent our most important resource in executing it. Developing our people and supporting the well-being of our families are the foundation for all that we do.

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