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Welcome to Training Squadron (VT) 4

Home of the VT-4 Warbucks

This site serves two purposes: first, to allow those interested to find out more about VT-4, and second, to disseminate information to VT-4 staff and students.

VT-4 is a winging squadron onboard NAS Pensacola that trains Student Naval Flight Officers (SNFOs) to be integral assets in their respective E-2, E-6, EP-3, P-3 and P-8 communities. SNFOs will be placed through the Advanced Maritime Command and Control Course (MC2) with topics such as international and military flight planning, sensor employment, and tactical communications. They will put these lessons to use in the Multi-Crew Simulator (MCS), combining the multitude of sensors with a significant emphasis on Crew Resource Management.

We would like to extend a special welcome to the staff, students, family and friends of the Warbuck team. For those who are former Warbucks, welcome back. The squadron has undergone significant changes in recent years, but has continued its commitment to sending the best of the best to the fleet replacement squadrons and beyond. If you are a Naval Flight Officer looking for an outstanding set of PCS orders, we are always looking for highly motivated and proven instructors to be a part of our rewarding mission.

Thank you for joining us on the Warbuck webpage.


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