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Safety Department

Safety Staff

Safety Officer | The Safety Officer, a Senior Naval Aviator, is the principal advisor to the Commodore in all matters pertaining to the safe operation of the wing, and promotes an intensive and continuing program of safety and mishap prevention.

Aviation Safety Officer | The ASO, a graduate of the Aviation Safety Course taught by the School of Aviation Safety, is responsible for creating an informed safety culture of learning and reporting. The ASO shall be responsible for the development, implementation, and execution of an aggressive safety program applied to the maintenance and operation of Wing aircraft.

Aeromedical Safety Officer | The AMSO advises the Commodore on all matters relative to aviation physiology and aviation life support equipment. The AMSO is also responsible for training instructors and students in the physiological aspects of G-induced loss of consciousness (GLOC), ejection, and emergency ground egress.

Information and Resources

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