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FY 2018 Civilian Training Schedule

Online Training
DOD Cyber Awareness Challenge v5 JAN 2018
All Hands Call Training (Corpus Christi)
Operations Security (OPSEC) FEB 2018
Anti-Terrorism (AT) Level I Awareness Training / Active Shooter FEB 2018
DON Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Training: One Team One Fight FEB 2018
DON EEO Training - Supervisory JUL 2018
DON EEO Training - Non Supervisory JUL 2018
Employee Relations Training JUL 2018
Supervisor Led Training
Combating Trafficking in Persons General Awareness MAR 2018
Prevention of Sexual Harassment APR 2018
Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information Awareness Training MAY 2018
Records Management in the DON: Everyone's Responsibility JUN 2018
No FEAR Act (if not completed in FY17; required every 2 years) AUG 2018