EEO Resources for DoD Civilians

Alternative Dispute Resolution Program (MAR 15)327.5 KB
CNATRA Equal Opportunity and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement (JUL 18)37.4 KB
CNATRA Sexual Harassment and Anti-Harassment Policy Statement (JUL 18)48.8 KB
COMPACFLT Southwest EEO Office (JUL 18)388.7 KB
Department of the Navy Diversity and Inclusion Policy Statement (FEB 18)208.3 KB
Department of the Navy Equal Employment Opportunity Statement (APR 18)280.9 KB
Department of the Navy Policy for Personal Assistance Services (JAN 18)63.1 KB
Department of the Navy Policy on Accessibility of Electronic and Information Technology and Facilities (MAR 18)64.5 KB
Department of the Navy Workplace Anti-Harassment Policy Statement (MAY 18)47 KB
Federal EEO Complaint Process Flowchart (JUL 18)49.7 KB
Reasonable Accommodation Brochure (DEC 16)415.1 KB
Reasonable Accommodation FactSheet (SEP 12)56.8 KB
Reasonable Accommodation Guide (SEP 18)1.4 MB
Reasonable Accommodation Request Form57.9 KB