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Training Improvement Program

Recommend changes to training materials

The Training Improvement Program (TIP) is a NATRACOM corporate process used to recommend changes to training courseware, curricula and examinations. This electronic TIP folder not only includes a list of current Training Change Requests (TCRs) in the database, but also a link to submit a new TCR. To view a list of current TCR’s, select your pipeline from the dropdown. This list is updated weekly.

To submit a proposed change to training, complete the electronic TCR form. Once the TCR is submitted, the N7 Curriculum and Training Content Liaison (CTCL) employee at your TRAWING will receive an email notification. The originator will also receive a confirmation email with time stamp and CTCL contact information. The CTCL will create a new TCR in the TCR Tracker. The TCR management system is also a "routing mechanism" which provides a "pathway" to formally approve a TCR, prioritize the work, and track its completion and implementation.

CNATRANOTE 1550 | Project White Space Execution and Oversight (Advanced Multi-Engine Innovation) (CAC required)

You can e-mail test plan ideas for Project WHITE SPACE to the CNATRA Multi-Engine PTO at:

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