CNATRA patch


CNATRA is aligned under Commander, Naval Air Force, Pacific Fleet and Commander Naval Air Forces (CNAF) - in the Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) concept. CNATRA is dual hatted as CNAF Deputy Commander for Training. This alignment enables the ability to orchestrate and manage a full spectrum training continuum, not only within the TRACOM, but also throughout the NAE from student induction through the completion of Fleet Readiness Squadron (FRS) training. This continuum and alignment enables leadership and training practitioners to design and optimize training content and flow across all phases and pipelines of the entire training spectrum to ensure the right training is conducted at the right level. Additionally this continuum and alignment ensures the most effective and efficient training organization is in place to achieve optimal student aviator time to train. This continuum and alignment ultimately ensures the production of the world's finest Aerial Warriors for the world's finest Air Force - the Naval Air Force. A Naval Air Force made up of Naval Aviators and NFOs, who can think, perform, excel under pressure, and deliver in the most demanding aviation environment - projecting power ashore or at sea from the decks of aircraft carriers both day and night.

The Seven Principles of Operational Excellence