command patchChief of Naval Air Training // NAS Corpus Christi

New Civilian Employee Orientation

Welcome to the team!

It is our pleasure to welcome you aboard. We believe you will find your employment within our various Naval Aviation Training Commands (NATRACOM) to be challenging and very rewarding. Our mission for NATRACOM is to train, mentor and deliver the highest quality Naval Aviators who prevail in competition, crisis and conflict. As the back bone and consistent stability, our federal employees are crucial to mission success, and we work along-side of our military service members assigned.

HRO reporting instructions

By now you should have received reporting instructions via email from the COMPACFLT Human Resources Office (HRO) and your first line supervisor was listed by name, contact information and email. Your supervisor will work with HRO on your new employee orientation (NEO) requirements and coordinate the date, time and location where this will take place. For reporting on-board the military installation, you will need to bring a printed copy of your HRO official hiring letter and two forms of identification.

Communication with your new supervisor

Your new supervisor will make contact and start advisement on the first day requirements. They may also discuss work related matters to include: work schedules, start/end times, lunch, leave and overtime request procedures, timekeeping, parking restrictions, performance expectations; organization mission/vision/goals/objectives, training opportunities, travel reimbursement, awards eligibility, and work assignments/priorities.

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