command patchChief of Naval Air Training // NAS Corpus Christi


Official command publications

1331/1Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (Blue Angels) Application Questionnaire282.5 KB-
1500/48Medical Report - Current Med Holds13.4 KB-
1542/5ANaval Aviator Training Stage Grades - Jet141.3 KB-
1542/5BNaval Aviator Training Stage Grades - Prop150.2 KB-
1542/5CNaval Aviator Training Stage Grades - Helo123.7 KB-
1542/5DNaval Aviator Training Stage Grades - NFO60.1 KB-
1542/5ENaval Aviator Training Stage Grades - Advanced E-2/C-2 (T-2C)92.4 KB-
1542/17Leave and Liberty Policy Acknowledgement103.5 KB-
1542/90Pink Sheet Summary (ATJ)1 MB-
1542/95Naval Aviator Aviation Training Jacket (ATJ) Summary Card1.3 MB-
1542/106LSO Trend Analysis Summary73 KB-
1542/132Record of Training Waivers (REV 4-89)15.1 KB-
1542/1321Primary Selection Record51.9 KB-
1542/1827Training Review Board Summary407.2 KB-
1542/PAPrivacy Act Statement and Record of Disclosure343.5 KB-
1550/19Training Change Request (TCR)63.5 KB-
1550/20PAT Publication Inventory Form27.4 KB-
2946DoD Telework Agreement75.2 KB-
3058/1ORM Assessment Worksheet29.9 KB-
3140/2Aircraft Hurricane Evacuation Plan16.5 KB-
3501/1Pre-Solo Check Flight317.6 KB-
3501/2Pre-Solo Cross-Country Check Flight269.4 KB-
3710/14Flight Packet Receipt42.4 KB-
4355.4A/ACNATRA QA Program Office Detachment Audit13.6 KB-
4355.4A/DCorrective Action Request39.6 KB-
4355.4A/ENumber of Completed Audits/Monitors/Observation17 KB-
4650/1ETEMADD/TDY Orders Request119.3 KB-
5213.3JPrinting Requisition Form43.8 KB08 SEP 2020
5220/1Quarterly Report of Flight Simulator Status59 KB-
5239/14System Authorization Access Request Navy (SAAR-N)131.9 KB-
5310/4Supervisor's Position Management Evaluation35 KB-
5310/5Position Management Certification31.5 KB-
12451/1Nomination/Approval for Monetary or Time-Off Awards100.4 KB7 JAN 2022
12451/3Nomination/Approval for Honorary Award77.3 KB7 JAN 2022
13011/1CNATRA Daily Aircraft Status Report21.9 KB-
13700/14Project Clean Bird T-45A/C Checklist34.1 KB05 OCT 2006


1542/12Weekly Calendar (ATJ)51.7 KB-
1542/16Supplementary Jacket Form (ATJ)45.9 KB-
1542-16ANaval Aviation Training Class Advisor Program (NATCAP) Supplemental ATJ Form56.7 KB-
1542/31Unsatisfactory / Delinquency / Incident (ATJ)96.4 KB-
1542/66Jacket Review Divider (ATJ)32.7 KB-
3700/2Cross Country Flight Request49.1 KB-
3760/14Flight Log15.9 KB-
10341/1Contractor Aircraft Refueling Checklist485.2 KB-
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